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Tuesday-Saturday: 9-5

Sunday-Monday: 10-5


The State of Wisconsin just let us know that they are fixing the frost heaves in our section of 172 this coming week (July 23-26).  There will continue to be access to our driveway from the east throughtout this construction.  WE ARE OPEN!

The State is doing construction on Hwy 172 starting on June 17.  There will be signs saying the road is closed.  But there will be access to Mayflower from the East side throughout construction, so we will be open and accessible from the east side throughout the summer.  The road will be closed from the west side.  If you are coming here from the west side use 54 east to Pine Tree road (turn right on GE) and right on 172.  Please come and see us!!


Gift Certificates are available via phone.  Please call us at 920-869-2045.  If you get voicemail please leave a message and we will call you back.  You can also email me at: and I will respond as soon as possible.  We can send gift certificate directly to whomever you wish, so this is a great idea for last minute gifts!

The webstore is temporarily closed.   We will bring it current to reflect inventory and correct prices soon.  The payment feature is currently disabled.  

If we are not answering the phones during business hours please leave a message or email us at: for Janusz and for Chris.



Mayflower Greenhouse

726 Airport Drive

Hobart, WI  54155





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