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John Kress - President

       John was born and raised in Green Bay and educated at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, graduating with a Forestry degree.  After working in Arkansas as a forester he returned to Green Bay to pursue a career in Information technology at Green Bay Packaging. He then took over management of the George F. Kress Foundation. An avid gardener since childhood , (Thanks Mom!) Mayflower is a natural fit for him.

Chris Beno - Vice President & General Manager

Chris was born and raised in Green Bay.  He Moved to Seattle and attended Seattle University, earning a degree in Philosophy. Chris spent the next 20 years in music and arts management and marketing, running his own companies since 1991.Chris brings a wealth of small business management to Mayflower Greenhouse and serves as General Manager.

Janusz Kuzma - Production Manager and Head Grower

Janusz is a Polish National and was educated in Poland, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Protection. Janusz has been working at Mayflower for 20 plus years. He is an extremely creative grower and produces the finest plants available in Northeast Wisconsin.

Felix the Cat - Head Mouser

     Felix has been working at Mayflower for many years. He is an extremely creative cat and although he is self-taught, catches the finest mice available in Northeast Wisconsin.

Theo the Cat - Assistant Mouser

Theo is the newest employee at Mayflower. He is also a self-taught mouser. If one gets by Felix, Theo stands ready to catch it. And he is just as friendly and lovable as Felix.

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