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Onsight Services 


Want a beautiful garden  but don't have the time or skills to do it yourself? With creativity that caters, let us take care of your gardens! Enhance the outdoor beauty of your home and garden with Mayflower’s onsite services.

From design to fall cleanup, Mayflower's staff can do it all. Flexible service plans allow you to do as much or as little gardening  as you want.

Our botanical artists and plant experts offer free design consultation in the convenience of your home. We evaluate your environments and create unique and beautiful displays of indoor and outdoor containers and gardens, giving you that designer look.

Our onsite service include the following:

Spring - Design and planting of gardens and containers.

Summer - Maintenance of containers and gardens to ensure the beauty and bounty of your flowers and plants all season long.

Fall - Cleanup and planting of fall varieties such  as Kale and mums to extend your garden season.

Winter - Pickup and storage of containers to ensure their safety and readiness for spring.

Our printable brochure is available here.

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